Mondial News


Ta-daaam! Here is the newest, the most complete and the most relevant document of the Mondial-2020. 
We are talking about the Bulletin #2. You can find it HERE.
This Bulletin contains Schedule changes, updation in the judging systems paragraph and the most important - ANTICOVID GUIDELINE.
Together with the FAI and ISC, the Federation of parachute sport of Russia has developed a detailed protocol of action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have considered in this document the most basic points, the observance of which should become mandatory for all participants of Mondial-2020.

The Guideline has been approved by the ISC Bureau.
You will find the next items there:
  • Basic principles: what should every participant do to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Your journey instruction: what not to forget before, during and after traveling to Russia
  • What the Mondial Organizers do: what measures the organizers will take to minimize risks
  • PCR-tests and vaccination: how often will the tests be taken and recommendations for those who have not been vaccinated yet
  • What to do If somebody gets COVID-19 positive test
Let’s make the competition safe together!