Mondial News


Dear Skydivers, Dear colleagues, Dear friends!

We are very glad to inform you that starting from today – from April 1 – registration of participants for the largest, most long-awaited World Championship – Mondial-2020 starts.

Registration link –

Please note that only the Head of Delegation can fill in the application, and the application must be approved and signed by the NAC of your country.

We all have been expecting this for a long time, and during this time of waiting we managed to survive the pandemic, accepted a new reality where everyone must wear a mask, were sad, rebooted, tried new things and thought about the future.

Now the future is there. And despite the fact that masks and vaccines are still our reality, we can already plan trips, training and competitions. And we, the Organizers of the largest Championships, are already preparing and are waiting for all of you here – at our home, in Siberia.

We have considered every single safety COVID related measures in at our DZs. Both drop zones will have a sufficient number of professional doctors and medical personnel who can take care of any medical situation.

All drop zone staff, hotel workers and volunteers will be vaccinated by the time the competition starts. With all of these security measures, we are minimizing all the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, we have created the Mondial 2020 social networks. Here you can get all the relevant information, be inspired by the victories of your competitors and share yours.

Instagram –

FaceBook –

Dear Friends! We are looking forward to receiving your preliminary applications to see the whole picture. We are sure that all of you are already significantly bored and just like us, they want to meet as soon as possible at this Grand parachute event!

Looking forward to welcoming you all in Russia!

President of the Federation

of parachute sport of Russia

Andrey Barabash